Ridley's Games: A Very Ridley's Story

21 January 2020

It all started with avocados.

…Well, actually, it started a little before that.

The story of Ridley’s Games has a few beginnings.

There’s the ‘official’ beginning, when Wild + Wolf created its very first in-house brand. Ridley’s Games was born, and it became a home for vintage, ‘old-school’ toys and games.

Then there was the ‘new’ beginning, in 2016, when a small, passionate team of graphic designers, illustrators, games developers and product developers joined Wild + Wolf and formed the core Ridley’s Games team of today.

The true kick-off for the brand happened in the autumn of 2017, when that team decided to make a game about avocados.

That’s when the games really began.

Overflowing with ideas

Inspired by the ongoing avocado trend, the team – originally brought in simply to help develop the existing range - thought it would be fun to develop a game of their own. Something, say, where you could smash avocados.
Avocado Smash was born – inspired by Snap but with a fresh, comical twist.

They realised that once one they’d had one idea…they couldn’t stop!

Suddenly, the team was overflowing with original games ideas. On their own initiative, they released five original games in one go, affectionately known in-house as ‘The Big 5’.

One of the original 'Big 5', Draw a Blank 

The initial, novelty-led range slowly took the back seat and a range of family-friendly, innovative card games, party games, puzzles and trivia began to take their place...

An SS20 release, Drawsome People

Each of these games is play-tested hundreds of times, with as many people as possible. The rules are tweaked over and over until they get Ridley's seal of approval, ensuring that the games are as fun, quirky and imaginative as possible.

 A rigorously thought-out party game, Selfish, The Zombie Edition

Where do all the ideas come from?

The ideas for Ridley’s games can come from everywhere and anywhere – a certain theme (say, ‘cats’), a trend, or sometimes just a phrase or an expression (they’re currently working on Who Let the Dogs Out, a brilliant social deduction game for Autumn/Winter 2020, so stay tuned!).

The design process is often highly inventive – and inclusive.

For example, when designing the Spring/Summer 2020 Inspirational Women’s Puzzle, the Ridley’s team asked all their colleagues at Wild + Wolf for a list of their favourite female icons – who are now featured in the puzzle.

The 1000-piece Inspirational Women’s puzzle 

Similarly, when designing the Dog Lover’s and Cat Lover’s Puzzles, the Ridley’s Team sent a message out to everyone at Wild + Wolf, asking for photos of their pets.

Richard Walton, our talented illustrator, then sat down and drew each and every one - a true labour of love that took him several months.

In a nutshell

Ridley’s Games is brought to you by a truly passionate team of people who live and breathe games.

The games are designed to inspire you to spend some quality time with your family and friends, to cast the boring bits of life aside and just focus on having fun. 

We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!