Our Ethics


At Wild & Wolf our guiding principle is our aim to be the world's most thoughtful gifting company. For us, being thoughtful influences many areas of our business. By sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping communities locally and internationally, and through working with our partners, employees and customers around the world to achieve our goals, we’re constantly looking at ways to refine and improve the principles we apply to the production and consumption of our products.


We actively work with our suppliers and factories to set targets and goals for improved ethical and social standards. We care deeply about how and where our products are made therefore we regularly visit our factories to conduct audits and quality control inspections. Wild & Wolf aims to ensure all our suppliers have a valid and full Ethical audit report that has no open critical issues, has a corrective action plan in place, that is not older than 12 months and is one of the following acceptable Audit Report Formats which reflect the ETI Base Code as a minimum: ETI, SMETA, BSCI, WRAP, SA8000, ICTI. Wild & Wolf also encourages its suppliers to strive for best practice by becoming members of SEDEX. Our ultimate goal for the future is to work exclusively with factories that aim to be carbon neutral, who use renewable energy and send no waste to landfill.


We understand the value in building meaningful partnerships with likeminded organisations and charities who share our vision and support the causes our customers and employees believe in. Working in tandem with these likeminded businesses and charities, we aim to create a positive impact in society and improve people’s lives. We have already made progress in some of these areas such as our work with WaterAid, where we have raised in excess of £100K helping support their work in providing safe water and sanitation where it’s needed most. Read more about WaterAid below.


Our products are subject to rigorous product safety testing, including all American and European standards: SMETA, BSCI, SEDEX, ASTM, CPSIA, EN71 and REACH. We take every effort to ensure our products and packaging are designed to optimise space, thereby decreasing the energy required for transport and avoiding unnecessary waste. We design our products to be long lasting, ensuring they have a true function and fulfil a genuine consumer demand. If it doesn't have a true purpose, we don’t make it.


One in ten people across the world have no choice but to risk their health by drinking dirty water, while two in five lack access to adequate sanitation. This global crisis claims the lives of 2,000 children every single day.

 Since 2010 Wild & Wolf have raised in excess of £100,000 for WaterAid’s vital, lifesaving work. The money raised could pay for the following to aid WaterAid's work in Bangladesh:

Gender friendly school sanitation blocks for children (at a cost of around £1,000 each)

Gravity flow schemes providing clean water for people in hard to reach areas (£7,000 each)

Rainwater harvesting systems with a 16,000 litre capacity in different vulnerable coastal areas (£2,000 each)

Hand-pumps which serve rural families in a remote area (£400 each)

Renovation of washing facilities with running water in rural schools (£1,000 each)

Start low cost sanitary napkin production businesses in urban slums (£80 each)

It costs just £15 to enable one person to access safe water, sanitation and improved hygiene, therefore through sales of the Wild & Wolf Gulp Thirst Quencher Water Bottle, thousands of lives have been transformed in the world’s poorest communities.

Thank you to our customers for helping to raise this fantastic amount of money for such a worthy cause!

Please take a few minutes to find out more about WaterAid and the essential work they do and how you can support those in need click here.

If you have any questions about our approach to the production and consumption of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us: cs@wildandwolf.com