Alternative Mother's Day Display Ideas

11 March 2020
Mother's Day is quickly approaching and we have alternative ideas for your Mother's Day in-store or window displays.
Mother's Day is quickly approaching and you're probably thinking of your in-store or window displays.
There are the traditional gifts of flowers or candles, but we have some different ideas for you to try this Mother's Day.
Read on to learn about some key trends we've discovered for alternative Mother's Day gift ideas that would be perfect for displays.

For Millennial Mums...
Roughly one in five mums nowadays is a Millennial, which means that one in five mums is likely to have grown up shaped by technology, in a ‘highly connected’ world.

Friends will be buying gifts for their fellow millennial mums, and these gifts will need to be instagrammable and express their unique, sassy personality. A Yes Studio stationery gift would be perfect, like our Sticky Notes Set.

For ‘Best Friend’ Mums…

Many adolescent children have close relationships with their mums akin to a best friend. Cater to the adolescent shopping for their mum by offering gifts that they can share as a fun activity together, like our 1000-piece Inspirational Women's Jigsaw Puzzle. It will encourage quality time together and is the ultimate opportunity to celebrate one of the most inspirational women in their own life.

For Pet Mums…
Pet Mums are mums, too! They love and care for their pets every day, often making them the centre of their world.
Consumers will be shopping for their pet mum friend or their pet 'partner' this Mother's Day, and a 'one for me/one for my human' gift from Wild & Woofy is the perfect gift for mum and pet.

For Plant Mums…
For the adult consumer shopping for their mother, a gardening-themed gift is a solid choice for Mother's Day.