How to Host a Virtual Quiz Night

15 May 2020
Virtual quizzes are really trending at the moment – and it’s no wonder! They’re a fantastic substitute for Friday night entertainment, and, more importantly, they’re a great way of bringing people together.

If your customers are fans of trivia and they're wondering how to host a virtual trivia night of their own, here are 5 top tips to share with them on how to make quiz night virtual!

1. Pick the right platform 

There are plenty of great platforms on which you can call multiple people at once. Some good ones to check out are Zoom, House Party, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Each one is slightly different, so depending on whether you want to host the call from your mobile or your computer, it’s best to do a little research into which one is best suited for you (House Party is excellent for mobile use; Zoom is great for PCs but has a 40 minute limit on free calls).

2. Preparing questions

Write your own questions, ask your participants to send you five questions each, or save yourself the trouble and a ready-made trivia quiz set! We have loads of Games Room Trivia Sets to get stuck into, from General Knowledge to 80s Pop Music to Food and Drink…  

Either way, one golden rule applies at this stage: know your audience. What theme(s) will they find fun, entertaining? What do they know ‘just enough’ about? Keep this in mind when prepping your questions.

3. Nail the atmosphere

Remember, it’s not just a virtual quiz – it’s a whole event! Try to get all the participants revved up and in good spirits before you call in. Get them to dress up in their most colourful clothes, or ask them to attend wearing fancy dress (wear 80s costumes for the 80s Pop Music Quiz, for example). That way, everyone should join the call smiling.

4. Structure it right

Structure is everything in a virtual quiz. Remember that virtual calls can be quite draining, so it’s good to have a few breaks scheduled in. We’d recommend doing three rounds of about 10 questions, with a quick break off-screen in between each one.

For livelier audiences who love to sing and dance, you could jazz things up by making one of the rounds interactive. Prepare a pop quiz round in advance - or get a more interactive quiz like our Sing it Back Quiz from Games Room, where you read out the lyrics from a well-known song and get everyone to guess/sing the next line!

5. Eyes on the prize

It doesn’t really matter who wins, as long as everyone has a good time. That said, everyone will be more focused if they have their eyes on the prize! Get a pizza delivered to the winner’s doorstep, or get the breakfast of their choice delivered the next morning. Our site is also a good place to go for ideas for the winner's gift - there’s a little something for everyone, from Games & Puzzles to Homeware to beautiful Stationery and more!