8 Boredom Busting Games & Puzzles Perfect for Self-Isolation

07 May 2020
During this difficult time with COVID-19 continuing to spread, many consumers have been turning to old-fashioned methods of entertainment like board games and puzzles, as they tend to keep spirits up and minds active.

We have a selection of eight boredom-busting games & puzzles from Ridley’s Games that will keep things light-hearted and bring people together during this time stuck indoors.

Whether your customers are a group of housemates, a couple, or a family with kids, we’ve got something for everyone.


Donut Lover’s 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Do-nut worry about a dull day indoors with this tasty 1000-piece Donut Lover's Jigsaw Puzzle from Ridley's Games! Piece together every morsel to discover all 55 wonderful donut varieties, and maybe see if there's a donut shop on Deliveroo…

Selfish: The Space Edition

How far would you go to save yourself? Totally selfish behaviour and utter ruthlessness will be needed to stay alive in this game. Battle against wormholes, asteroid fields, laser blasts and most dangerous of all, each other, to win! A game that will definitely test those familial bonds when trapped indoors with your loved ones…

Think Fast!

None of us have all the answers right now. At least there's Think Fast!, the game where you already know all the answers. Teams go head-to-head in 3 rounds of this fast-paced trivia quiz game that's perfect for adults as well as kids ages 7+. We hear this one’s great fun to play virtually via group video call, too!

2000s Music Trivia Game

Reminisce to better times and relive the decade that brought us skinny jeans, gel pens and floppy disks. Split into two teams and take it in turns to answer questions and sing from the 40 cards featuring music trivia and next line challenges!

Peach Snaps

There may not be much fresh fruit at the supermarket but at least you'll have this peach on your games shelf. Be the first to discard all of your cards in this fast-paced card matching game by placing cards onto the centre piles each time there's a match by colour, symbol or number.

Cat Lover’s 1000-piece

Take advantage of all that extra time with your feline friend when you’re working from home by piecing together this Cat Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle. Spot your cat amongst the 54 hand-drawn cat breed illustrations and even turn it into a framed work of art once you’re done.

Drawsome People

Drawsome People is a hilarious drawing game of side-splitting scribbles that can be played with the whole family. Draw famous celebrities and characters as well as your fellow players in bonus rounds as objects like fruits and vegetables. The person with the most points at the end of five rounds wins!

Ring of Fire Card Game

Gather up all of that booze you’ve stocked up on for a game of Ring of Fire. The drinking card game commonly known as 'Kings', these waterproof cards will survive countless rounds and months of isolation.