6 Tips to Ace any Day Hike

12 June 2020

Many of us have spent a lot more time indoors than usual over these past few months. Luckily, hiking is a pretty accessible sporting activity at the moment – and it’s good for you. There’s nothing like a day’s hiking trip to refresh and reboot.

If your customers are planning on going on a day hike soon, here are 6 tips on how they can best to prepare, and some products we think they'll find useful!

This guide is inspired by our urban and outdoors brand, Gentlemen’s Hardware. You can check out all their Multi-Tools & Gadgets here.

1. Navigation

Phone GPS is great – when there’s signal. When out hiking, it’s best to have reliable backup methods to help you find your way. A map and compass will really help you out. Do make sure you know how to use them before heading out, though - here's a great guide to learn how.

2. Footwear

“If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.”  ~The Houghton Line

Anyone who has ever worn too tight shoes will be able to relate to this. Make sure to bump up half a shoe size when looking for your hiking shoes, as feet tend to swell during long days of walking. 

Apart from that, you don’t need necessarily need highly specialised hiking boots for your day trip. Cleverhiker.com recommends wearing trail running shoes, which are comfortable, lightweight, quick to dry and have good traction. 

3. Waterproofs 

Always prepare for rain, even if the forecast looks clear! 

For keeping your valuables safe and dry, we’d recommend our Gentlemen's Hardware 10L Waterproof Dry Bag. Simply pop them inside the bag, close securely and slip into your backpack. That way, you won't have to worry about  water damage to your phone and other precious items.


4. Essential Tools

It’s always good to bring a few tools on your hikes, so that you’re well prepared to face any situation. 

Our Gentlemen’s Hardware Survival Multi-Tool Kit combines three Multi-Tools that’ll have you set for pretty much any outdoor adventure (you’ll get a knife, bottle opener, flashlight, screwdriver, butterfly wrench, file and more!). 




5. Personal Care

Hydration: It’s essential to stay hydrated on your hike, so make sure you have enough water on you (without overloading yourself). For a 24-hour water supply, one gallon (or 4 litres) is recommended per person, so adapt that to however long your hike will be.

If you're planning on doing some overnight camping, we recommend taking our stylish & practical Gentlemen's Hardware's Glow in the Dark Water Bottle  along with you.


Nutrition: Make sure to pack food with enough calories to sustain your energy. Snack bars are great, as are dried fruits and nuts. Bring a substantial lunch with you as well. Sandwiches, bagels or tortillas are all easy to take along with you and quick to eat.

If you want to treat yourself to a hot, morning coffee with a view, consider taking a flask filled with home-brewed coffee. Our Gentlemen's Hardware Travel Flask   will make that morning sunrise extra special!

6. Have Fun!

Most importantly – don’t forget to have fun. This may seem like a lot of prep, but once you’re all kitted out, you’ll be prepared for many, many hikes to come! 

If you want to make your day hike really count, take our Gentlemen’s Hardware Travel Hammock with you and stretch out as you admire the view…